Making connections in the community


Once you have created and practiced your presentation (see your Champion toolkit for tips), you are ready to go. It’s time to make connections with organizations whose members/customers/staff can learn from and participate in discussions about the messages and themes of ICAA’s Changing the Way We Age® Campaign. These could include community/seniors centers, schools and unversities, local businesses, your chamber of commerce and local media outlets, among many others.


ICAA has created a sample letter of introduction that explains a bit about the campaign, the Champions program, and your role. There is also space to introduce a specific presentation or program that you would like to offer. Consider pulling information from the PowerPoint presentations ICAA has posted in the “Educational tools for events/activities” as examples of what your presentation or program would cover.


If representatives of the organization you’d like to serve want more information about the ICAA Champions program or the campaign, refer them to or have them email or call ICAA headquarters toll-free (North America) at 866.335.9777.