Planning checklist


When planning your ICAA Champions event, it’s useful to create a checklist of all the steps and details involved. Here are items to consider:

  • Select your target audience (e.g., older adults in the community, young people in a middle school).

  • Identify your key messages (see Champions talking points, PowerPoint presentation, other tools)

  • Envision how you will convey these messages (e.g., a single presentation, a series, an activity program).

  • Determine who will be involved in the event or presentation (e.g., will you involve other Champions, staff, volunteers, etc.).

  • Determine what equipment you will need.

  • Establish budget.

  • Work with the organization hosting the event to determine day and time.

  • Reserve space and equipment.

  • Send letter of agreement to the host organization.

  • Launch PR/marketing campaign: Send emails; download posters and customizable flyers, announcements and press releases from the ICAA Champions toolkit.

  • Post information about your event on your ICAA Champions web page and on the ICAA Changing the Way We Age® Campaign Facebook page.

  • Prepare feedback/assessment forms for distribution after the event (see the Champions toolkit for a sample).

  • After the event, review feedback; send thank-you letters as appropriate; write up your success story and post on your ICAA Champions web page.